A Comparative Analysis of Political Communication in Turkey Essay example

A Comparative Analysis of Political Communication in Turkey Essay example

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A Comparative Analysis of Political Communication in Turkey Case
In Turkey case of this paper, I will try to analyse Turkish media system with the theoretical framework which is developed by Daniel C. Hallin and Paolo Mancini in the article of Comparing Media Systems, Three Models of Media and Politics. I will make an attempt in order to investigate the basic characteristics of the media systems in Turkey, moreover I will bring the relationship between the state and the media through four dimensions, which are developments of the mass press, political parallelism, journalistic professionalism and the role of the state, developed by Hallin and Mancini’s work (Hallin and Mancini, 2005: pp. 217-220).
Hallin and Mancini’s conceptual framework comprises structures of four dimensions development of media markets, political parallelism or “the extent to which the media system reflects the major divisions in society”, the development of journalistic professionalism , and the degree and nature of state intervention in the media system; furthermore aspects of the state role; degree of pluralism, type of democracy, and degree of rational-legal authority with associating to the political contexts of media systems. Hallin and Mancini conceptualized the three models of media and politics when referring characteristic configurations within these dimensions. These are Mediterranean or Polarized Pluralist Model, North Central Europe or Democratic Corporatist Model, North Atlantic or Liberal Model. The principal features of Mediterranean or Polarized Pluralist Model are high political parallelism, low newspaper circulation, weaker professionalization, strong state intervention; North Central Europe or Democratic Corporatist Model consists high new...

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Online accessed:
 Directorate General of Press and Information (Turkey):
 Directorate General of Press and Information / Press Law (Turkey)

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