A Dog With Good Manners Essay

A Dog With Good Manners Essay

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The perfect dog sits, stays, rolls over and shakes .the very moment you decide to take on that puppy thats what most people think the puppy will be nothing but a cute playing little dog with good manners, “you must rely on the solid foundation of these seven things socialization,housetraining,sit,down,stay,come,and to walk nicely on leash. “ (De Vito 16)..From the beginning people have learned that a obedient dog brings upon many benefits for both dog and human. In reality when people get that puppy most realise that it was not born with the commands that most associate dogs with.
To be able to have a puppy that is able to follow commands it 's important to start as early as possible and have patience keeping in mind that that they 're not going to get it on the first try there needs to be continuous training involved for the puppy comprehend and master the tricks that is being introduced .
There are many options when it comes to training your dog .some dogs will learn basic commands to spend time around the house or spend time with the family while others may learn skills that are more advanced like search and rescue or drug dogs.but no madder the dogs occupation dogs need to learn the first basic commands which are sit,stay,come,down and going into its crate when told and walking on a leash. but it 's always fun to add in the give me paw or roll over to keep things fun and interesting for both owner and pet.
When you decide to start your training it 's important to choose a method that best suits the dog being trained there are many methods to pick from some examples are positive reinforcement,alpha approach and clicker training. Clicker training will be m...

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...least one hour to two hours a day training can also be very frustrating at times by keeping an open mind and having a little patience go a far way when training dogs not all dogs will learn at the same pace each dog is different some dogs will be able to master the tricks within the first couple of trys others will have to be taught in a span of one or two days and always remember to always refresh the tricks you started with so that the dog does not forget the commands that was established at the beginning of training.
In conclusion by finding the right method to train a dog it will help the dog to understand and master the basic commands so that the dog can be a better family or just trained dog that is easier to manage or help the owner master the relationship and training of their family pet keeping the owner sane and the dog happy and in a good home

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