Essay on A New Standard Of Public Schools

Essay on A New Standard Of Public Schools

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The placement of a new standard in public schools has always been a challenge, especially to find the perfect standards to help students in their learning development. Public schools have evolved over the years to different teachable standards to advance students education. The new current standard that is being implemented is common core. In the California Common Core State Standards package defines the purpose of common core as, “to help ensure that all students are literate and college and career ready no later than the end of high school” (California Common Core State Standards, 2). The new California Common Core State Standard (CCSS), is to expand student education to a broader form of learning that will help students in the future. Thus, allowing them to be capable to compete with other advance countries that have a higher educational system in comparison to the United States. In the United States, by having a large population of a diverse on languages can turn into a challenge for students that are in the beginning stages of learning English or not performing at their grade level. English Language Learners (ELL) are having the challenge of having to perform at their grade level in CCSS, and by being graded by their grade level without taking into consideration their lack English knowledge. The objective of CCSS is to help students to become critical thinkers and to become challenge with their learning, so they able to meet college level learning. For ELL student, it can be a challenge to be able to compete with the established standards based on the lack of diversity to meet students need to connect to their learning. In regards to the role CCSS has with multicultural is the challenges teachers with the lack of culturally d...

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...l trying to master to simplicity of the basic English Language. By the CCSS not having an additional standard for ELL student does not meet their requirement of being universal with other states teaching method, because individual districts will set their own standards to grade ELL student. Another challenge for ELL students, is personal frustration students will feel when they take notice they are not able to keep up with their peers. When a student begins to feel academic frustration, consequently, students motivation decreases dramatically based on their inability to be able to perform at their grade level. Consequently, CCSS not having set standards for ELL student can increase the learning gap, which is what CCSS is not supposed to do. The lack of support for ELL student can increase the learning gap because there is not alternative learning standard for them.

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