A Research On Nursing And Nursing Essay

A Research On Nursing And Nursing Essay

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The filed of nursing or any other medical career has a variety of specialization. Some might even have similar names, but in reality every filed works together to accomplish patient care in the best way possible, each branch needs each other to make the system work. Entering a challenging career such as nursing can be a great opportunity. But there are some things a potential nursing student trying to choose a specialization should considerer in order to make an informed decision. By comparing and contrasting trauma and critical care nursing, which will help them understand what to expect from both careers.
The decision on what to specialize depends on what the person is drawn by; people who are most intrigued in a fast pace interactive job environment can considered trauma nursing. In the other hand if the person wants an interesting specialization without the pressure of a fast pace environment at all times, could look into critical care to be a choice. Trauma nurses are needed to assess a patient in a life threating condition and to act quickly to treat them. Such as car accidents, even perhaps a potentially deadly situations that requires a quick response or un-explained symptoms. A trauma nurse is a demanding job and if considering this career one must be ready to work. It requires a lot of dedication since your job would not only be to determine on how to care for the patient but it’s also to be a good critical thinker in unpredictable situations. Even though a critical nurse would also require the same amount of passion and energy to work. It might be consider a less hectic specialization then a trauma nurses’ job. Since critical care nurses don’t have to work blindly not knowing the condition of their patient like trauma ...

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...mportant role as one can imagine. As for registration it also depends on the countries but the basics requirements is a working visa of the country and registering your licenses in the countries registration authority.
The difference might not seem major but they are considered two completely different specialties. Being any type of nurse is a demanding job but a potential student can always specialize in something they are interested in and fits their working style. Trauma and critical care nursing are fast passed; they may even see different people within a couple of hours and experience difficult situations. But if it were something that was the person’s passion it would be a great opportunity to embrace that passion. These careers can let someone shocked if the person can’t handle the demands of the career or other amazing surprises the human body has to offered.

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