Essay on A Study Of Nursing Theories

Essay on A Study Of Nursing Theories

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At first, the study of nursing theories may seem like a daunting task, however understanding its appropriation and function makes them applicable to daily practice. Advanced practice nurses have strived for decades to distinguish nursing as a profession. With the creation of the metaparadigm, or the global focus of nursing, advanced practice nurses created not only a focus statement for all of nursing but also a definition in which to procure theories that drive all current nursing practices (McEwen and Wills, 2014). One theory that has withstood the test of time is the Betty Neuman Systems Model. Originating in the 1970’s, the Systems Model is so adaptable, that it can be applied to a variety of nursing fields in addition to different individuals, groups and cultures.

Importance of The Neuman Systems Model

The metaparadigm of nursing is perhaps a term not known by many bedside nurses, however what makes this concept useful is the understanding and application of it. McEwen and Wills (2014), describe the concept of “metaparadigm” as the global view of nursing. This view is what differentiates nursing from other disciplines. The metaparadigm of nursing consists of four concepts: person, environment, health and nursing and the relationships between these concepts. For any theory to accurately reflect the profession of nursing, these four concepts must be addressed and applied to practice, which in turn provides better care and patient outcomes.
Deemed a pioneer of nursing theory, in 1972, Betty Neuman first published “A Model for Teaching the Total Person Approach to Patient Problems” (Fawcett & DeSanto-Madeya, 2012) as a way to teaching nursing students a holistic patient view. In keeping with the constantly changing na...

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...y of the nursing profession places nurses in a prime position to move from the passive educator, “doer-fixer” role to that of a coach that works together with the system to create specific, achievable client centered goals that can be built upon in the future. Coaching will undoubtedly provide leadership opportunities for nurses to transform healthcare.
Conclusion: The Neuman Systems model is a flexible, easily understood and applicable to practice to meet to goals of a variety of clients. Whether or not, there is awareness, every practicing nurse holds a set of values, beliefs and knowledge that guides their care and is in line with some theoretical framework. Advanced practice nurses are at an advantage of having working knowledge of nursing theorists and the ability to apply theories in daily practice to provide more personal, holistic, high quality care.

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