Essay on The Adjustment Process That International Students

Essay on The Adjustment Process That International Students

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The purpose of this research is to examine the adjustment process that international students undergo. The general question that is being researched is as follows: “How do international students adjust to living abroad?” The specific scope of this study is to look at university students coming to the U.S. from foreign countries. The participants of this study will be eligible simply by being a student from a foreign country that is studying at a university in the U.S., there should not be any exceptions due to other characteristics of the student. The overarching purpose for the findings of this research is that they will improve the experience that international students have when studying abroad. The findings may also be used as a preliminary determiner of who would most benefit from an experience studying in a foreign country.
Keywords: international students, adjustment, acculturative stress, study abroad

The research question that will be studied pertains to international students. Specifically, how do international students adjust to studying abroad? “Abroad,” in this sense, refers to the United States, as the international student will have come from somewhere outside of the U.S. As far as how the student adjusts, the study will look at factors such as how comfortable students feel, their ability to live in the foreign country, and their social cohesion, as well as what means the students used to reach this position. Finally, there is no specific international student being studied. Data will be collected from all willing international students regardless of age, education level, ethnicity, gender, race, nationality, or any other distinguishing factor.
The idea for this topic came from my meeting of an international stud...

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...s that they are likely to experience in regards to culture shock, and this new culture overall.
Another potential advantage this research could yield is one could gain a better sense of who is best prepared to study internationally. Is it better to have some experience with the language of the country in which one is studying beforehand, or is it better to fully immerse one’s self all at once? Questions such as these should be able to be answered through the results of this study. With luck, the study will contain enough information for the researchers to create the “ideal” international student. In other words, a collection of qualities that would benefit international study. This would make it easier for a student to know whether or not he or she would profit from studying abroad, as well as what potential pitfalls there would be if he or she were to study abroad.

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