Aid For Nursing Students : Nursing School Essay

Aid For Nursing Students : Nursing School Essay

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Aid for Nursing Students to Manage Nursing School
Nursing is a very competitive career that includes a large amount of work. Nursing School can be challenging but there are ways to be successful. In How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Nursing School, Kelli S. Dunham, RN and BSN, explores several different concerns that nursing students can have as they head off to and complete nursing school. All kinds of advice are given out in this book from studying for exams to handling clinicals. The book focuses on the needs for each different nursing student, such as whether a student has a family at home or if a student has to work while in school. Dunham uses several examples of past nursing students and herself as to support the advice she is giving out. She arranges her book in chapters, and each chapter serves as a different topic for advice. The book helps the readers understand how life as a nursing student can be, how to manage it and at the end be successful. All this information can be very useful heading into nursing school.
School in General can be very stressful, and nursing school can be a whole lot more. One major point that Dunham covers in her book would be how to manage stress. Dunham states, “The first thing to do is to put the stress in as positive a frame as possible… the second general suggestion is to put stress in its rightful place” (Dunham 35). Dunham wants students to know that stress is inevitable and that humans need some kind of stress in their lives, but she also wants students to maintain their stress in balance. She gives students several ways to handle stress, including self-care—which is doing something you like to do to reduce stress. She also suggests building a support system of friends, fam...

... middle of paper ... is the main reason they are attending.
How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Nursing School by Kelli Dunham has given me many tips on how to manage nursing school. These tips will truly help me in the upcoming years as I am the student who is trying to balance everything this book has talked about. Kelli Dunham discusses several concerns any nursing student might have and talks about solutions for these problems. I can use these tactics to help me be successful in nursing school. She also advices students on several different topics all relating to nursing school stress. Dunham’s book is well written and is well supported because she uses past students and her own experiences to inform the readers of the concerns and solutions. Reading this book was a great way to mentally prepare myself and any other future nursing student for a nursing student’s future.

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