Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Columbine '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Columbine '

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From this quote alone it is apparent that Moore structured Bowling For Columbine in a way that would rally the people of America behind tighter gun control. It’s because of this that it becomes even more apparent that Bowling For Columbine was structured in away to provoke emotion and from that promotes the idea that many of its scenes were structured. This is the clearest indication of Moore’s influence as a filmmaker with in the documentary. However although probably the biggest ethical issues, he certainly raises debate with his lack of empathy when interviewing people.
When interviewing subjects for the film, Moore is often mocking or heavily interrogation people, he is very forceful with his approach to reaching the truth. It’s this influence on interviews that poses ethical questions about the role the filmmaker plays with in documentary film. When Moore is interviewing an ex student of Columbine high school, although the student had no direct involvement with the Columbine Massacre, Moore is very heavy handed with his approach, there is almost a look of fear on the young mans face as he struggles to find satisfactory answers for Moore. It is not only on this occasion that Moore appears to get almost aggresive with the subject he is interviewing. It appears that Moore’s approach to interviewing is to ask questions repeatedly and increasingly intimidating each time until he reaches an answer he considers emotive enough. It sometimes feel as though Moore’s anger is aimed in the wrong direction, many of the people that he interviews have little to none influence on the current state of gun accesibility in America, but it does not defy him from demanding answers.
It appears on many occasions that Moore settles for employee...

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...erms of how accessibility to guns in America leads to higher rates of gun violence. It does not need further reinforcing through the medium of lies, especially with such a sensitive subject matter. Moore himself states:

‘And so the right wing politician says, "Vote for me and I 'll put a 100,000 more cops on the streets. Vote for me and I 'll build more bombs. Vote for me and I 'll bomb Iraq." That creates this false sense of security. Also, it 's important to keep people ignorant. So as long as you can keep them glued to the TV, as they are today with the sniper story, that 's good. That way, they won 't watch or read the real news, or know what they should really be frightened of.’

Is it really ethical to address it as a documentary, when so many of its most controversial scenes appear to be fabricated to re-enforce Moore’s own personal opinions and beliefs.

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