Aristotle And Aristotle 's Political Theories Essay

Aristotle And Aristotle 's Political Theories Essay

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While Aristotle is widely known for his political theories, not as many people are familiar with Alfarabi. Alfarabi, however, modeled many of his teachings in the Political Regime on Plato and Aristotle. This is indicated when Alfarabi traveled to Damascus to gain knowledge in philosophy. It is thought, nevertheless, that he never read Aristotle 's Politics, but Alfarabi is recognized as the "second teacher" after Aristotle. Aristotle and Alfarabi, thus, share several similarities in their instruction. Although Aristotle and Alfarabi both seek a source of ultimate good and unity in the purpose of their governments, the actual governing processes in their governments are built on a structure of hierarchy among members.
Aristotle and Alfarabi demonstrated in their works how the purpose of the government is to benefit a society. While these two authors share numerous similarities, Aristotle provides more practical examples as to the purpose of the government, whereas Alfarabi offers more philosophical ideas. Aristotle considers that in a political community a government is enacted for the purpose of doing something good for its people. He believes that meaning comes from being in a community. Since Aristotle states that the city exists by nature, government serves as the foundation to make individuals political animals. Alfarabi agrees with Aristotle, as Alfarabi believes that a government can have the power to let people achieve ultimate happiness. This process, however, can only occur if a government removes natural and voluntary evils, while retaining the natural and voluntary good actions. Alfarabi considers that when rulership in a government follows these processes, only then can people be virtuous, good, and happy. This conce...

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...eate hierarchies in their societies. Aristotle 's main purpose in his government is for individuals to become political animals through a community of shared virtuous values. In creating political animals, Aristotle defines his government as being able to set what is good or bad and what is just and unjust in order to keep this unity. He, however, gives some individuals more powers than others in his society. Alfarabi has a similar idea of having all individuals reach happiness in a community by shedding any natural or voluntary evils. This, nevertheless, stems from having rulers being able to govern any laws they chose, while setting certain ranks on individuals and objects in a society. Although these two individuals are considered some of greatest philosophers of their time, their governments retain contradictions that prevent them from becoming perfect societies.

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