Being An International Student Is Exciting Essay

Being An International Student Is Exciting Essay

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Being an international student is exciting. It offers a lot of exposure and scope for improvement. Canada has a lot of institutions that accept foreign students, but before that, the practical difficulties an international student might face in the country should be noted.
1. Issues faced by students:
Issues arise when the expectation does not meet the reality, or due to misinformation. The various issues an average student might be classified as follows.
1.1. Economic (Financial) issues:
The first issue an international student faces in Canada is the fees. Fees structures vary for domestic and international students. As Denise Hansen says in her essay ‘Life of International Students in Canada is Eye Opening’, "The average tuition and ancillary fees for domestic students in an arts and science program in Canada currently stands at $6,100. Compare this to the staggering $17,200 an international student pays for the same education and it comes as no surprise that some international students are struggling to make ends meet"
It is also important to note that international students often do not enjoy the same privileges as local students. The international students are expected to pay the full tuition fee, whereas the domestic students are eligible for heavy government subsidies and that is one of the reasons why there is a huge difference between the fee amounts. Many students take up part time jobs to make ends meet, but it is imperative to note that job opportunities are very limited and even those jobs that are available do not give a substantial income. Therefore, they must rely on their own money and be prepared for the expenses.
In addition to spending more on the actual education and university fees, the international stud...

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...stand and be informed about all these issues before they embark on their educational journey.
2. Eligibility to Study in Canada
The eligibility criteria to study in Canada vary for different courses. While a graduate course in computer science requires a 4-year bachelor degree in the same, with 70% marks, and nominal GRE and TOEFL scores, a business degree requires a minimum of 2-3 years’ work experience. Students must carefully analyse all the requirements and prepare themselves for it.
3. Requirements to successfully complete a course
Overcoming the social, cultural, financial and political issues, each student is expected to be academically qualified and excel in the periodical tests and university examinations. A student is expected to have proper qualification, a clear Visa and immigration documents, a work permit if required and proper financial capabilities.

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