The Benefits of Becoming a Pet Owner Essay

The Benefits of Becoming a Pet Owner Essay

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According to the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society website on average every single day ten thousand cats and dogs euthanized in the United States alone. Most of these animals were perfectly healthy, normal, and suitable pets that were never adopted yet were euthanized due to over population. Humans have kept pets ever since ancient times. Centuries ago they were mostly kept for food, source of material such as fur, and hunting aids, but now a days they are companions and the thought of killing, eating, and wearing them sounds senseless. In this fast paced modern age filled with stress every needs a source of relief. Most people turn to medicinal or recreational drugs and alcohol. However there are much better and healthier alternatives such as owning a pet. A pets can be just as good as any drug in relieving stress and anxiety. Although it’s not all easy in the end it’s all more than worth it. Owning a pet is a remarkable experience and more people should experience the joy and benefits that comes with it but as with anything there are some obstacles and drawbacks that may seem daunting but can be easily prevented or worked through.
Can owning pets make unhappy and unhealthy? While unlikely it is possible. Pets can carry a variety of diseases and parasites that can easily spread to their owner and its family. According to an article titled “Can Owning a Pet Actually Make Us Less Happy and Healthy?” on the website “You are about 100 times more likely to be seriously injured or killed by a dog than a venomous snake.” and “pets are one of the biggest causes of conflicts between neighbors (second only to late-night noise.)” Many pets can be dangerous on their own such as venomou...

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... lifetime of love and compassion. There is a pet for everybody no matter who they are. There are more than enough pets to go around and many different species to fit all types of personalities and lifestyles. Pets offer extraordinary benefits for their owner that will improve many aspects of their lives. Unfortunately many of these benefits are unknown to post people and instead they are influenced by misconceptions that make owning a pet seem less desirable. If anything is learned from this paper it is that owning a pet is an absolutely amazing experience that more people should experience. It is unfortunate that some people are robbed of this opportunity by misconception spread by uninformed people. Hopefully in the future people will reconsider adopting a pet or at least take the time to talk to somebody about adoption and saving a life while improving theirs.

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