Can Witnessing or Experiencing Domestic Violence Be Linked to Bullying in Adolescents?

Can Witnessing or Experiencing Domestic Violence Be Linked to Bullying in Adolescents?

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Being in a domestic violence ordeal of my own and have been bullied almost all of my life, I have come to ask myself why anyone can abuse someone that they say they love or how bullies can hurt people like they do. Whether physically, emotionally, or mentally this happens all the time now-a-days in our society. Numerous news reports about couples getting into fights or even killing a significant other or spouse and how children have committed suicide because they can’t take the hurt of a bully any longer. It is so sad to think about and I cannot put into words how my heart weeps for those people! It’s sickening for me to even think about. But to understand the people behind these instances we have to look at what each of these things are.
According to Richard L Davis, “Under the US statutory law concerning domestic violence, it is generally defined as child, sibling, dating, intimate partner, spousal or elder abuse ([27], 2010).” He adds, “Domestic violence is the multilevel, multifaceted use of manipulative or coercive behavior and/or physical assaults with the objective of changing or controlling the behavior of a family member or intimate partner with the intent of achieving a specific goal. This behavior ranges from minor incidents and verbal threats, to injurious, sexual and lethal assaults.”
Bulling has the same connotation as domestic violence, however, it primarily involves an associate, someone they just met, or someone that, that person does not know at all.
The difference of these two verbs is to whom is targeted. With someone who is domestically violent towards someone, it is usually a family member who targets another person in that same family, whereas, a person who bullies could be a friend, a co...

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