Character Analysis Of Denzel Washington An Actor Of Our Time Essay examples

Character Analysis Of Denzel Washington An Actor Of Our Time Essay examples

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Denzel Washington-An Actor of Our Time
When asked about his thoughts on acting in general, Denzel Washington said, “Acting is mysterious and it’s something you can’t explain. You have to bring something to the table and it should be mysterious in the way that you get to where you are in a scene.” Washington is not only a film actor but also a mainstage actor. He has performed in stage productions such as Wings of the Morning, A Soldier’s Play, Richard III, Julius Caesar, Fences, and A Raisin in the Sun. He has been in many films and won many awards, such as an Obie Award, an Academy Award, and a Golden Globe award. He is married and he and his wife Pauletta have four children together.
Washington has played many roles throughout his career. Some critics say that he plays the same usual roles of being a hardball and using his two types of smiles to get done what he needs to get done in the play. Norman Jewison, the man who gave Washington his role in A Soldier’s Story, said “Mr. Washington has two smiles. For example, a big open one that he uncorks when his character is genuinely delighted and a small tight one that signifies something considerably more sinister. Washington has been questioned about taking roles that he is typecast in and though he did not mention anything about his smile, he did tend to disagree with that statement. He was interviewed by Project Casting and they asked him if he turned down roles that typecast him. His response was “Absolutely. My career is based on saying no. Sydney Poitier told me many, many years ago that the first four or five movies that you do will determine how you’re perceived in the business.” His first four movies were a huge success and he was even nominated for the very first time for ...

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...h language. He does not like to do a lot of movies or plays with interracial dating either because that is what the story becomes about and there are plenty of stories about that. He likes to keep the play or the film about what it is supposed to be about.
In his book, A Hand to Guide Me Washington gives ultimate credit to the Lord for his success and his talents. He said, “These gifts, this talent-it wasn’t me. Yes, destiny is what you make it, but we’re helped along the way….but first and foremost it’s a blessing from God, which is the foundation of everything. He if a firm believer that his ability to act and his talents are a blessing from the Lord himself and does not take credit for any of it. That speaks a lot about his character and what type of person he is. Ultimately, he is thankful for his success and plans to use his talents as long as he possibly can.

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