The Chicago Public Schools ( Cps ) Essay

The Chicago Public Schools ( Cps ) Essay

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The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) are body politic and corporate as well as school district of the State of Illinois. CPS are financed through a combination of local, state and federal sources. Over the decade, CPS have been suffering from the budget cuts when the State of Illinois continues to fall behind in making payments to the district. According to the survey conducted by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, total local funding nationally declined between 2008 and 2014, adding to the damage from state funding cuts. For example, in 2016, the district faces a $480 million gap (Senn High school’s News). Consequently, the educational reforms such as improving teaching quality, trimming class size, expanding learning time and providing high quality education are left behind. In the article “Teachers, Technology and Training another year of Budget Pain Ahead,” Jim Donlevy states that until economic growth produces more robust tax revenue, schools and districts will be faced with difficult choices. “School board members and administrators will be challenged to find creative solution to maintain the integrity of their educational programs and contains cost to achieve balanced budgets the voters can approve” (Donlevy 2).
In order to overcome the financial crisis without losing the teachers and cutting regular school programs, what school management can do? Juan Perez, a reporter from the Chicago Tribune, in his article “Chicago school principals find way to deal with budget cut” introduces several solutions suggested by Chicago Public School principals including: “scale back some technology purchases, encourage teachers and volunteers for after school activities, rely on some combination of cash stockpiles, vacant positions and...

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...tended to give principals more autonomy over their school 's budget and staffing. Amundsen High school’s principal Anna Pavichevich again expresses her positive feeling about her school in using the federal fund smartly so that the budget cut is “never good, but it doesn’t put in a situation where we’re going to have to cut staff or critical program” (Perez 3).
While waiting for a positive signal from the state budget, it is extremely important that school principals work out a creative solutions to the educational budget cut and smartly use any extra funds available, best utilize school’s human resources in response to the ongoing budget pressure. If these solutions are well planned and implemented, we have the ground to believe that CPS will be survived. Parents and students will be able to look for schools that maintain high quality through these difficult time.

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