Dog Training Essay : To Be A Dog Trainer

Dog Training Essay : To Be A Dog Trainer

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To be a Dog Trainer
Dog training is an intricate and very important practice in this day and age, not many people have the time to train a dog and, therefore, keep a peaceful household. Although this is unfortunate in some aspects, this creates a problem and therefore a job: Dog training. Being paid to work with such wonderful animals is a blessing in itself, however there are several things that need to be done before just anyone can jump into such a wonderful practice. There are training sessions and certifications to be had, there are skills to be developed, there are hardships to overcome, and finally there are the parts to love about the job. Training dogs is overall a rewarding and vital career in society. However, the training and certification is a must.
When it comes to being trained in this field, there is actually a lot that goes into the seemingly simple practice. There are many different positions that dog trainers need to fill such as training shelter dogs, being a personal trainer, pet sitting, or pet nutrition. According to “A Short History,” dog trainers used to be self taught from the limited supply of books there were, and there was no true certification to prove the aptitude of the trainer themself. Nowaday things are very different, there is a conglomerate of different skill sets that need to be developed in a classroom as well as with experience. This may come to be a surprise to some, but dogs can’t talk! To understand the language of the furry critters, there are classes to take. One of the primary classes to take is animal psychology, to train the minds of any animal it's necessary to understand what's going on in their heads. It’s important to know the body language and what specific barks or noises mea...

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...quickly for their skull to handle, causing pain and aggression; for example dobermans and dachshunds” (Marion Frix). In such cases it is only humane to put the animal to permanent rest with euthanasia. Fortunately this generally is not the case, as it is only a worst case scenario. Although there are bad times, mostly dog training is a rewarding and fantastic career.
For every hard time there are ten good times to make up for it. Watching a destructive puppy become a functioning part of a loving household is a wonderful feeling. Knowing that I made a family's life easier and ensured a dog’s place in a household is also a great relief. So long as I keep in mind there is nothing that can dissuade me from doing my part in a dog's life, I will be happy with what I do and be good at it. Overall dog training is a wonderful and rewarding career that I am excited to pursue.

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