Effect of Media in Children Essay

Effect of Media in Children Essay

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The new phenomenon that we refer to as the ‘media’ is something that generations of the past never had to deal with. “Media is the message and the messenger” (Newsom) and its power is increasing each day more and more. And because of how fairly new this phenomenon is, people are not putting the sufficient amount of emphasis and are not taking the adequate precautions. Society is so emerged in media consumption that it has become normal to us, more like “a way of life” and little sense of awareness exists towards the meaning behind the amount of uncontrolled information younger generations are receiving. Children receive the message from media at a very early age and therefore start creating their own perception of the world based on the many messages they receive. “Probably the clearest evidence we have that television influences children's thinking and behavior is the fact that advertisers invest literally billions of dollars trying to influence the perceptions, choices and behaviors of children through advertising”(Wilcox). Brian L. Wilcox, PhD, chair of APA's Task Force on Advertising and Children and director of the Center on Children, Families and the Law at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln affirms that whether its televised violence, sexuality or advertising it does have an affect on children and a negative one as well.
People absorb more from mass communications than they do from any other source of information (Newsom). Through the media, young kids of today are being exposed to an insurmountable amount of information that is greatly altering the way they view not only themselves but also those around them. The media can contain positive messages and influence people to act civilly but for every positive message in the m...

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