The Effects Of Media On American History Essay

The Effects Of Media On American History Essay

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Uses of the Media in American History
The media is America’s greatest influence. What the public is exposed to shapes the country and arguably plays a major role in who the public votes to represent them. Many media outlets are well known for their political alliances which often leads to manipulated information and biased (biased meaning an opinion, feeling, or inclination) journalism. Many media outlets exaggerate or underexaggerate details in a report to better align the thinking of the audience with the Author’s view point. The media has been used to scare the public into submission while running countless life’s and reputations. Scandals are a favorite among journalists especially those involving important politicians or popular celebrities. This phenomenon, known as confirmation bias, has been studied judiciously by government agencies such as the CIA, NSA, homeland security, etc… (Johnston) Some argue that these government agencies have used the media to push government agendas and purposefully misinform the public by changing one’s viewpoint of a situation. The alignment of viewpoints can be achieved by using manipulation, misinformation, or by simply omitting information that goes against the desired viewpoint.
Media outlets are also known for their often-bias political alliance which can be problematic for the overall health of society. For example, if an individual watches CNN, but not Fox News, the individual will likely align his thought process of CNN’s reporting. There are dozens of major news outlets each with a different perspective) (Mooney). Countries with strict government policies use the media as a form of control most often in the form of propaganda to distract or entice fear in the public. North Korea’s me...

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...ty’s study clearly shows a correlation between what the viewer is exposed to and the perception regarding real-world issues.
As such, America’s history is rich with change and progression as well as disaster and tragedy which has had a profound impact on the American people. What one sees and thinks is easily influenced by what is accessible on the internet or on TV. Sometimes the public is governed by fear or misinformation which in turn has the ability to control and shape the future of America. The media has been used as a distraction against foreign affairs and to garnish the reputations of entire countries, religions, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. Other times, the media has been at America’s aid providing much needed information in times of disaster, natural or manmade. And in some cases, the media can be used to rip apart lives and destroy reputations.

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