The Effects Of Video On American History Essay

The Effects Of Video On American History Essay

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In American History I, there have been multiple videos shown containing information that we have been learning each class period. Each video has its own meaning, information, time period, as well as its own message. The videos that were shown are all very meaningful and withhold valuable information on the history within this country. These films have a huge impact on our country, as well as on us, improving our knowledge on history. The video that specifically caught my attention the most was the Journey through Slavery film.
While watching this video I have obtained so much knowledge that has enlightened me in many ways. Of course this video’s main topic is on slavery, and the things that went on in the country throughout the slave era. I have learned what African American slaves had to go through when they were forcefully brought to the United States. This video focuses on slaves in our very own state of Virginia and the things that they dealt with. Slaves in Virginia were treated horrendously by their masters, having to pick cotton in any kind of weather, being beaten with long ...

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