The Ethical Theory Of The Movie Training Day Essay

The Ethical Theory Of The Movie Training Day Essay

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1. Consequentialism is a term used by the philosophers to simplify what is right and what is wrong. Consequentialist ethical theory suggests that right and wrong are the consequences of our actions. It is only the consequences that determine whether our actions are right or wrong. Standard consequentialism is a form of consequentialism that is discussed the most. It states that “the morally right action for an agent to perform is the one that has the best consequences or that results in the most good.” It means that an action is morally correct if it has little to no negative consequences, or the one that has the most positive results.
In the movie Training day, Jake finds himself faced with the toughest decision of all: should he do what he believes to be just, or should he risk his life trying to take down a veteran cop and his network of villainous colleagues? An example where he had to face a moral decision was when he was forced to smoke the drugs putting a gun to his head and threatening him, stating that his failure to comply would get him killed by a drug dealer on the streets. He either had to take the drugs or discontinue training because he wouldn’t have the right character or drive to be in the unit. Jake, begins to wonder whether this is a common ritual amongst rookie-mentor training, and apprehensively takes the drugs. A consequentialist will assess both the positive and negative effects of an action before taking it. According to this theory, the best result can be obtained by a reasonable judgement of a person. Although when we visualize the moment and put ourselves in Jake’s shoes, we would do what we think is the greater good at that instance and that would be being able to continue his training although knowin...

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...tally it was his sister that was about to be raped.
The ethics of care is a normative ethical theory often considered a type of virtue ethics. Dominant traditional ethical theories such as utilitarianism and Kantian deontological ethics developed ethical theories based on an understanding of society as the aggregate of autonomous, rational individuals with an emphasis on rules, duties, justice, rights, impartiality, universality, utility and preference satisfaction; care ethics, on the other hand, developed based on the understanding of the individual as an interdependent, relational being and emphasized the importance of human relationships and emotion based virtues such as kindness, mercy, care, friendship, reconciliation, and sensitivity. The scene where Jake saves a girl from being raped also depicts ethics of care which emphasized on duties, justice and rights.

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