Evolution Of Evolution And Natural Selection Essay

Evolution Of Evolution And Natural Selection Essay

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Those are good points, but there are a couple misconceptions you might have about evolution and natural selection. The strongest and most important organisms do not survive over the generations. Although evolution occurs due to fitness in an individual or individuals of the specie, an organism cannot survive over the generations. Fitness is achieved through variation in a species through genetic differentiation (Scottville “n.d.”). Since the life cycle of all living organisms is to be born, survive, mate, and die, it is impossible for an organism to live through several generations. The mutation only allows for the animal to be better adapted to the environment it is in through its generation. The reason why some organism that have a genetic differentiation and are able to pass on their genes to their offspring’s is because their differentiation allowed for them to better adapt to their environment, therefore allowing for a success in creating more offspring with similar genetic traits.
Another misconception you might have is that of which you mentioned when you said that the Lasiognathus dinema “used pigment from the skin of prey they caught to make the appendage on their esca darker and more obvious.” Through the theory of evolution, organisms cannot change their body’s structure by choice, rather, any change that can occur within the animal is genetically programmed to occur (Reece et al. 2014). Species do often use resources from their environment to their advantage, but they cannot use the environment to change their genetic makeup to help with their survival.
Along with the idea of the Lasiognathus dinema being able to create a darker pigment on its appendage on their esca, it is not possible for the Lasiognathus dinema to ...

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...ish by a
Description of how brown appendage and prolongations evolved

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