Essay about The Frontier Of American History

Essay about The Frontier Of American History

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In The Frontier in American History (1893) written by historian Jackson Turner. Turner makes a captivating argument stating that westward expansion played an important role in shaping the American character. Manifest destiny was an important concept in American history and started in the nineteenth century. It was assumed that Americans can control land because it is their “god-given” right. Many of the ideals and themes in Manifest Destiny were already seen throughout the United States but became more prominent during this time. The development of an “American identity” was due to the expansion of America. The American culture was a big part of Manifest destiny because this was a basis of reason to continue expansion westward. Turner’s argument is accurate and certain themes support his view on Manifest destiny. These include the work, labor and economic development of that time, the roles of men and women, and the relationship with Native Americans.
With the growth in population and influx of Immigrants the economy was rapidly growing. There was a rise in the market economy and the start of industrialization that added to the economic development of that time. (page 14) While Industrialization was becoming more profound, Americans were also facing financial insecurity during this time, leading to harder conditions for workers and labor problems within businesses. Americans considered moving west to escape from those conditions. Some of the early American settlers in Texas were poor laborers who saw the opportunity to gain land in an abundant place such as Texas because they lacked the funds to purchase lands in the north (pg 86). Most work was still being done by slaves and owning slaves was just as important as land. As mor...

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...on of American territory led to major events that impacted society. There were many wars fought over land and eventually America purchased some of the land we occupy today. Jackson Turner’s argument of Manifest Destiny having an impact on “American culture” was evident in the historical documents written during the time. The idea of an “American culture” comes from the way white settlers used Manifest Destiny as a way to justify their supremacy over other races, and take away land they considered theirs by divine right. It is clear that without Manifest Destiny there would not have been a shift in economy, increase in population, women’s rights and the impulse to own more land. Americans would have not seen the opportunity of expanding boarders at the cost of others such as Native Americans. Manifest Destiny was an important event that shaped America until this day.

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