Have Children's Behavior Become Worse in these Recent Years? Essay

Have Children's Behavior Become Worse in these Recent Years? Essay

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As time continues to go on more and more issues start to arise. One of the biggest issue that is becoming extremely important is the high correlation among children’s bad behavior. This has become one of the biggest issue because of many safety problems. There has been an increase in violence among children that has created a lot of safety issues. As the facilitation that we have for media, the children’s behavior has also increased. There are many influential factors that have made children behave worse as time went by. Even there are many causes to this bad behavior, there are a lot of solutions that we can come up with and that might just work.
Let’s start by talking how children’s behavior has been negatively impacted by all the trash that the media puts in society. Day after day, children are being exposed to unwanted material that is harming their behavior. The media is affecting children’s behavior because of the quantity and the content they are being exposed to. There was a study done in the United States of five-hundred and sixty-five preschoolers, the less television they say improved their social behavior. In New Zealand, there was another study done on one thousand and thirty seven people from birth to the age of twenty six. The results proved that the most television watch had an increased risk for antisocial outcomes in adults. It also proved that it increased a thirty-six percent chance of any criminal conviction by the age of twenty-six. During this time period, games and movies are becoming inappropriate for children to watch but advance access to technology facilitates them to watch whatever. As they are watching this censored material, they are learning it and trying to copy the actions. Most children are at a...

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