Internet Censorship And Its Effect On Society Essay

Internet Censorship And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Internet is a powerful tool that allows users to collaborate and interact with others all over the world conveniently and relatively safely. It has allowed education and trade to be accessed easily and quickly, but all these benefits do not come without very taxing costs. This is especially true when dealing with the likes of the Internet. Countries in the European Union and Asia have realized this and have taken action against the threat of net neutrality to protect their citizens, even at the cost of online privacy. Internet censorship is required to protect us from our opinions and vices. Every country should adopt Internet censorship and regulation since it improves society by reducing pornography, racism/prejudice, and online identity theft.
With over 759 million registered domain names, the Internet has proved to be the definitive source of information (Hunter). Covering a full spectrum of subjects and services, it is an entity that we can not do without. However, despite all this usefulness, more than 14 percent of all websites are dedicated to pornography (Ward). To further worsen the matter, more than 13 percent of all searches made daily are for pornography (Hunter). Online pornography has caused sexual desensitization, harms relationships, and reduces economic efficiency.
A German study published in 2014 set out to find a link between males aged 21 to 65 that watch excessive online pornography and brain activity (Tasch). Results from the sample were quite shocking since it revealed that those who watched between four to five hours worth of pornography a week showed less ‘gray matter’ or sexual stimuli in their brain. In addition, the brain’s natural reward for good behavior, dopamine, was in noticeably lower volumes i...

... middle of paper ... explicit material litter the Internet with harmful images that have been proven to affect people negatively in physical and emotional ways. These websites also promote inefficiency in the professional environment. Racism and prejudice thrive online, whether it is on social media, an online forum, or another form of online human congregation. Lives have been lost because of this ‘freedom of speech’ online mentality. Online identity theft has become more popular than ever, with more money being stolen every year from innocent individuals. Regulation and censorship improves our society by getting rid of pornographic material and monitoring online websites for racism, prejudice and suspicious criminal activity. Online censorship is not the end of privacy. It is the end of the material and individuals that make the Internet a potentially unpleasant and dangerous place.

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