Irish Travellers As A Subculture Essay

Irish Travellers As A Subculture Essay

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The basic idea behind discussing and researching Irish Travellers is to better understand their culture as well as how they are considered a subculture. By focusing on one topic like this people can help to better understand why subcultures exist and how they function. Not only does it allow us to examine the individual subculture but the terms and knowledge surrounding this topic will help to give a deeper perspective on aspects that we may not consider qualify as part of the subculture community. Irish Travellers have always been a group that people either misunderstand or just forget about when it comes to examining cultures as well as that culture within society. Irish Travellers are a group of people that tend to govern themselves, although they still must follow the laws of the outside world, (as they often refer to it as), they tend to have their own set of laws in which the people a part of this group most follow. As this topic is explored, this should become clearer. The discussion on Irish Travellers will include some background information on their society and way of life. There will also be discussion on the health of the Travellers and how this affects their lives. As the topic is explored more throughout the next few pages we can see how this group of people can be considered a subculture. All the factors together such as their way of life, health of the Travellers and general information will give a clearer picture of why this group are considered distinctive from the mainstream culture.
Before I discuss the main topic, there are a few terms that should be defined to help understand the topic and information that will be discussed. The first of these terms is subculture itself, “a group having social, economic, et...

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...lize this does not help their situation. The women realize that the settled society sees them as weak and needing protection from other Travellers. Even today these issues exist because women are seen, primarily, as the weaker and as the caregivers rather then the dominant personality. Women in the Irish Traveller community can hold positions of power, in some cases over men. This was and is in many ways different from the settled community as this is not something the mainstream culture would have.
The book Insubordinate Irish had an interesting quote, “…constructed the ‘aloofness’ and lack of integration of the Travellers as indicative of the existence of a separate and mutually exclusive society with a distinctive internal structure and a form of leadership that involved kings.” The author goes on to discuss the meaning behind this quote. Many times, the Irish

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