The possible link between culture, material conditions, and war Essay

The possible link between culture, material conditions, and war Essay

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The possible link between culture, material conditions, and war

After the Second World War and finally after the Cold War and the Gulf War, many peo-ple agreed that there is no need for war anymore. Allies were conducted to maintain peace. But this belief was destroyed. Nowadays, we have to fear a war with Iraq. The question which rises is, if there is a possible link between culture, material conditions, and war? In my paper I will mention the anthropology of war and gender roles. Furthermore, I will discuss the interrelations between culture and war, and finally the interrelations between religion and war.

The first question is, if there was war from the beginning of human kind on, or if war just was developed over time? This is a hard question, which nobody can explain exactly. The movie “The Gods must be crazy” (1984) could be one example that in an uncivilized, isolated society people cannot have war, because they do not have reasons to fight about. They have everything they need various times. That means, they do not have to share things and in conclusion, do not have to fight about things. In the Kalahari Desert a family of African Bushmen had a life in an ideal fashion in harmony and peace. One day somebody dropped a coke bottle out of an airplane down to the Kalahari Desert. This bottle leads to disharmony and violence among the family. All of a sudden they have to share this tool which “God sent them”. Nobody can work without this tool anymore. That is the reason why they start fighting. But why can people not share, or need to have what they want at once without the patience to wait? That’s the problem of human kind in a civilized world. Civilized people change the environment to suit them. The Kalahari Desert cou...

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