Magical Realism as Applied to the Field of Psychology Essay

Magical Realism as Applied to the Field of Psychology Essay

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Magical Realism as Applied to the Field of Psychology

Throughout time, one finds many different categories of literature. Magical Realism, a relatively new category, seems to be one of, if not the most, controversial category of the last century. Magical Realism combines a magical, often grotesque, element with a reality based background and allows the reader to view life in a more profound way. The field of psychology, specifically the case of the Wild Child known as Genie, parallels very closely with the ideals of Magical Realism.

Magical Realism may combine two worlds or realms, allowing the reader to see beyond his or her own world. This merging of two realms is a characteristic common to Magical Realism (Faris 172). The two worlds may be fantastic, sublime, or even realistic.

Genie, the Wild Child discovered in 1970, somehow managed to survive for thirteen years even though she was imprisoned in a solitary room by her own father. She was never loved, never spoken to, and was left strapped to a potty chair day after day. When she was not forgotten altogether, she was s...

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