Essay on Rock And Roll : Link Between Culture And Social Class Race, And Age

Essay on Rock And Roll : Link Between Culture And Social Class Race, And Age

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I believe that the history of rock and roll demonstrates a link between culture and social class race, and age; by the way a genre brings all the people in these different categories into one big group. When rock and roll began to emerge people from different cultures and social classes started to come together as a group by the way they dressed. It was not only the music but also the fashion it brought along with it. People from this era changed the way they dressed, styled their hair and their means of transportation. This brought together people from different cultures and social class, race and age all together.
Rock and roll was very popular among a wide range of cultures it was heard around the world. The rhythm that it had was very contagious, “a music that sooth the soul” as the song says. When heard people would get together and dance and enjoy their time together. This united people in groups and in a way somehow rock and roll has been known as a culture of its own. The way people will just get together and enjoy the music without acknowledging each other’s differences is amazing. I believe that this is one of the first genres in music that has made a movement within the different cultures.
It was also known for the fashion that it brought along. Such as the tight leather pants and jackets, ripped jeans and jackets. Slick hair for men and frizzed up hair for women. It all became very popular in a variety of ages. No matter what are you were that was the style and people wanted to wear it. Hair styles were also very popular in all age ranges. From the oldest to the youngest, everyone wanted the slick hair for men and proofed up for women. Along with all the fashion rock and roll also brought along the popularity o...

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... rapper. Not seen or accepted well by the white or the black communities. He was white acting like a black man and a lot of people did not agree with that. It took time for the black community to accept him. But once they did he began to gain popularity. He is now one of the biggest rappers in rap history. He then became a key for the rap music to become popular among the white community. Now more people openly started to listen to rap and brought those two cultures together.
Now rap is widely listen to around the world it has been modified in different country and created different types of styles with that same rhythm. For example in Mexico they have added mariachi sounds to the beats and have created a “Mexicali “ kind of rap. They have also created a culture called “cholos” which are like Mexican thugs. With this I conclud that Music itself an important link.

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