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The Theories Of International Politics Essay examples

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Several theoretical approaches have been developed as an attempt to explain the workings of International Politics. These different perspectives which use different methods and assumptions can be helpful in studying and predicting the actions and interactions of the actors they concentrate on and include, realism, liberalism and feminism. No single approach however succeeds in taking into consideration all factors and outcomes in world politics and each of them has distinct benefits as well as certain limitations. The realist point of view, for example, considers the nation-state as the basic unit of analysis and explains its decisions within an anarchical world system. There is no central force or power that can regulate the rules among the states, as no form of a single viable international government is present, therefore the role of the state is to maximize its power independently. Unlike domestic societies, this anarchist system constructs a self help security system as no state can depend on the help of another. Another point of view, structuralism, also known as neo-realism, builds upon realism but develops its considerations further. As explained by Goldstein, author of International Relations, it represents an attempt to make the realist approach much simpler more formal and more comprehensive. In using the international political structure within which the various states operate as the basic unit of analysis, it provides the necessary tools useful in explaining why states behave the way they do especially in relation to each other. However, as beneficial as it may be in explaining some phenomena, there are some limitations to such an approach that should be examined as well.
In order to show how structuralism, the syst...

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...nd changes in their relative economic powers.
In conclusion, structuralism is a beneficial approach to international politics but at the same time can not explain all international behavior due to some significant limitations. Once again, structuralism is based on the international system structure rather than the nation state and refers to the state’s struggle for position and relative power under an anarchist system. It would be interesting however to examine the role of actors within the international global system that are not competing nation states but still exert influence and contribute to shape international politics and how structuralism would be able to deal with them. These include transnational non-state actors such as Al Qaeda the international terrorist organization which is not specific to one nation state after the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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