Tips Washing An Effective Way Of Prevention Essay

Tips Washing An Effective Way Of Prevention Essay

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The focus of health care is and has always been, practicing good hygiene, living a healthy lifestyle, and having a positive attitude reduces the chance of getting ill. Although there is not much prevention we can take for some of the diseases but we can certainly practice good hand hygiene to prevent infection and its ill effects. Research proves that hand washing is surely the most easy and effective way to prevent infection in health care. The question for this research: Is Hand washing an effective way to prevent infection in health care? It led to the conclusion that due to the high acuity, high patient: staff ratio, and lack of re evaluation certain units in the health care facilities cannot adhere to correct hand washing guidelines. Hand washing is definitely co related to infection. The rate of infection decreases with proper hand washing.
The focus of this research is to further investigate on the findings, do more research to find answers and find out the common barriers to this practice.

Hand washing an effective way of prevention
Hand washing is one of the most commonly researched topics in nursing school. There can never be enough emphasis on its teaching in school, communities, colleges, hospitals, clinics etc. There are a lot of journal articles, books and research material available to support this easy prevention technique. Rachel Barrett and Jacqueline Randle (2008) in their journal, Hand hygiene practices: nursing students perceptions, state that “Hands of healthcare workers and patients are therefore a primary cause for the transmission of infections by both endogenous and exogenous spread” (Para. 1). This is a relevant point which must be highlighted in every study material and teaching plans by the tu...

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...ring gloves with hand washing that leads to adverse patient outcomes. Hospital acquired infections are increasing year after year and the only way out there to control it is taking time out to wash hands using proper duration and technique. The influence of hand hygiene is tremendous on nursing practice as nurses are the ones who are in close patient contact High acuity; time management and awareness are some of the problems that lead to lack of adherence.
Conclusion: Hand washing is a simple responsibility of every practitioner. It is surely a universally important component of infection prevention and control. Healthcare professionals have long been aware that washing hands cuts infection rates and save lives. Despite that they still fail to follow good hand hygiene in everyday practice. Research shows that hand washing is the first step in prevention of infection.

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