Training And The Different Types Of Training Essay

Training And The Different Types Of Training Essay

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This part of the paper we are going to talk about training, and the different types of training. First is the definition of training, “Training can be defined as a planned attempt by an organization to facilitate employee learning of job-related knowledge, skills, and behaviors.” (Pg. 161) When you hear the term training what do you think of? Maybe you’re thinking about a manager and a new employee learning the ropes of the business; and you are right, but there are many different types of training. The types that our group is going to talk about are: lecture, orientation, and, stimulation.
Lecture is the topic on training we will talk about first. When you hear the word lecture you are probably thinking of someone talking and giving instructions; and the people who are receiving the message listening, and acting on those instructions. According to Reference for Business, “The lecture method is best used for creating a general understanding of a topic. In the pure lecture, communication is one way from trainer to trainees. It is an extensive oral presentation of the material.” (Par. 6) Basically it is what everyone thought managers teach the new employees by talking to them about how to perform the specific job.
Orientation is the next topic we are going to talk about. Orientation is actually one of the most important parts of learning about the new business and how they operate. Training Today says, “ Orientation determines how new employees perceive and adjust to the organization. Orientation should make the new employees feel welcome and provide them with the information they need to begin their new jobs safely and productively.” (Par. 6) orientation is very important because it lets your employees know their workplace. The...

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...yourself, but they will be there if you have any confusion and need help. On the job training is so important because, you are actually doing the job in a specific situation. If you never run the register you will never learn. With on the job training it’s the first time you’re in the position as the worker, and not a bystander.
All of these training exercises can make you a better worker and be successful in the workplace. So remember do your best in your training and take everything serious, because you are learning new skills. Don’t get upset with yourself if you make a mistake because, you are learning remember. If you don’t ever make a mistake you will never learn.
Well those are the types of training our group hopes this information will help you in the future with your working career. We also hope you learned something on types of training in the workplace.

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