Wind Energy And Wind Turbine Essay

Wind Energy And Wind Turbine Essay

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1.Background and Research:

1.1.History of wind energy and wind turbine

Fig1.1 History of Wind Turbines
During the last century, due to the rapid development of the power system, the use of wind energy experienced several stages. Firstly, the period of infancy, in the 1930s and 1940s, hundreds of thousands of electricity producing wind turbines were built in the U.S. These wind turbines provided electricity to farms beyond the reach of power lines and were typically used to charge storage batteries, operate radio receivers and power a light bulb or two [1].
Then, with the expansion of the utility grid, wind energy entered into the trough period. Because of this, the development of wind turbine lay nearly dormant for the next 20 years until 1970s. After that, wind energy ushered in a new beginning
In the early 1980s, a new market for wind systems started which is called “wind farms”. As well as, with emphasis on renewable energy, more wind farms will be built, but for most countries this is still not realistic.
Over the past few decades, there has been an increasing use of induction generator particularly in wind power applications. In generator operation, a prime mover (turbine, engine) drives the rotor above the synchronous speed. Stator flux still induces currents in the rotor, but since the opposing rotor flux is now cutting the stator coils, active current is produced in stator coils, and motor now operates as a generator, and sends power back to the electrical grid. Based on the source of reactive power induction generators can be classified into two type namely stand-alone generator and grid-connected induction generator. In case of stand-alone IGs the magnetizing flux is established by a capacitor bank connected to the ma...

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