Yum Doggy Treats, An All Natural Human Grade Dog Essay

Yum Doggy Treats, An All Natural Human Grade Dog Essay

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This paper will focus on Yum Yum Doggy Treats, an all-natural human grade dog treat that is based off of well-known human desserts; Peanut Butter & Carrot Cake, Carrot Cake, Sweet Potato, and what everyone needs after eating, Breathmint. I will refer to the business as Yum Yum Doggy Treats or YYDT. YYDT was established October 2014, by a mother and daughter and later expanding to a family of four women. Their ultimate goal is to educate dog owners of the importance of feeding their dog’s fresh produce or natural dog treats. They also wanted to be different and give the dog lover community a healthy, creative, and delicious treat their pups would enjoy.
Dog treats are used for many reasons. Owners use treats to either correct an unfavorable behavior or encourage a desirable behavior. Also some just give their pets treats as a form of a dessert or snack. The desire to purchase treats depends on the needs of each pet. All dogs are different and have different diets like humans. YYDT make their treats with love to ensure every treat have all the needed nutrients and minus the garbage. YYDT have a chef that is constantly being educated and producing delectable options for consumers. All ingredients are hand selected at farmers markets and others are purchased at local businesses.
In this SWOT Analysis and Risk Management plan I will discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. When one visit Yum Yum Doggy Treats they have an experience, one that cater to the needs of the consumers individually, educate, and assist them with getting the perfect treat for their loved dog. This experience will be dissected in detail in the following paragraphs.
The all natural dog treats market is continuously ...

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.... YYDT will stay educated on dog health and keep products to date with client’s needs. To ensure quality a policy and procedure manual has been updated and a training is scheduled. Due to the high demand for dog treats the risk are minimal as long as quality control is being closely managed. “Dog treats can be easily sold to larger geographic areas through mail order or websites”(Pet Business Central, 2016).
In this SWOT Analysis and Risk Management plan I have discussed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. YYDT is steadily working to make the YYDT experience one that is unforgettable and one that cannot be duplicated. Yum Yum Doggy Treats is passionate about raising healthy eating awareness to dog lovers across the road by only becoming more perfect. Their ultimate goal is to cater to all pooches taste while keeping their health first.

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